“The mission of ‘The Source’ is to restore hope and purpose to a troubled generation.”-Chris Knowlton, Executive Director

We provide assistance to teens in crisis through relationships with caring adults. Our staff and mentors strive to build positive, sincere, and life-altering alliances with at-risk youth with the goal to equip and assist them in their spiritual, occupational, and educational journeys while guiding them to reclaim a sense of self respect and dignity. Ultimately, our goal is to assist them in realizing their potential, and that there is a purpose and reason for their lives.

Our Primary Objectives:

  1. Hikers on mountain topTo guide youth toward a life with meaning and purpose.
  2. To nourish the spiritual, physical and emotional hungers of troubled teens.
  3. To help youth become contributing members in their communities.
  4. To model unconditional love.
  5. To train emerging adults to serve the next generation.