Programs We Offer

The Source offers a variety of programs and services available for teens and young adults. These services are categorized as follows.

Character First

This program offers teens a way to fulfill court appointed community service hours while instilling work ethic and skills development through on the job training. This program focuses on developing the morality and character of program participants. As these teens experience the satisfaction of giving their best, the natural derivatives and benefits of becoming a trustworthy and dedicated employee become evident. Participants learn the principles of honesty, integrity, quality work, and accountability as they work alongside positive adult role models and mentors.

Juvenile Justice Services

This aspect of “The Source” targets teens who are currently incarcerated at Spokane County Juvenile Detention. The Source sends staff and volunteers to detention on a regular basis to teach life skills classes, self-worth curriculum, and to develop relationships with detained youth. Through this process, we hope to provide positive alternatives to their previously destructive lifestyles upon release.

Support and Assistance

This program offers one-on-one mentoring, goal setting, group fellowship, educational/vocational training, and recreational activities. Our long term goal is to provide transitional housing for youth to assist them upon their entrance into adulthood.  Furthermore, we plan to offer employment opportunities to teens that have successfully completed the program.

Phase 1

Phase 1 targets entry level clients developing relationships with staff for the first time. Young adults in Phase 1 are typically completing court requirements, in Juvenile Detention, studying for their GED, or are generally in need of help. They are just beginning their life journey and will be placed with a mentor while in the program.

Phase 2

Youth in Phase 2 have completed their court requirements, but are still in need of assistance (mentoring, housing, employment, education, etc.) The goal of Phase 2 is to take youth to a deeper level of personal development and commitment. Staff will assist youth in identifying obstacles and life style patterns that keep them from making positive progress. We realize that many of our youth have experienced trauma and our goal is to use that trauma for good. Our youth are not victims, but they are those who can overcome the hardships they have experienced and become quality young men and women.

Recreational Activities

The Source provides activities that focus on fun and relationships. We partner with several youth organizations to provide opportunities such as: summer camp, hikes, youth groups, rafting trips, and more.

Career Path Pursuits

We specifically tailor this portion of the program in order to meet the needs of each youth involved. We work with businesses, colleges and trade schools in order to assist youth in realizing their full potential. We offer mock interviews, resume & cover letter preparation classes, public speaking classes, employment referrals and much more.